Monday, 19 June 2017

***Exciting Kindle Unlimited NEWS & Cover Reveal***

I am super pleased to announce that both of my series, 'The Knight Trilogy' and 'The Meadowsweet Chronicles are moving over to Kindle Unlimited. They will become Amazon exclusive for at least six months.

There are several reasons for this move but mostly it's about offering readers a chance to engage with my books in a way that suits their budget.

Both first books of the two series have been free for a while, which is a great introduction to the series but by enrolling in KU, not only do KU subscribers have access to all the books for free, but I also get paid per page view, which allows me the finances to write more books. As you see, win-win situation all around.

If you're not in KU, you will still be able to get Books 1 of the series free for the indefinite future.

To celebrate this move to Amazon Exclusivity, The Knight Trilogy has had a cover revamp for the ebooks. (The paperbacks will remain the same pretty florals that were designed last month.) The new covers should be live by the weekend and I can't wait to see how they will be received. I think they really sum up the transition of Mina from 'Real World' to 'Realm World' and convey that sense of magic and wanderlust in the series. It's such a special thing to see this series all grown up and maturing into a series that I am really proud of, even though it was written in the very first steps of my author journey.

You can get the series here

Here's to a new chapter in this old authoring journey.


For authors who also read this blog, you will see that in an earlier post (from a year or so a go), I pulled my titles from KU because at that time, I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole exclusivity clause and the control that Amazon were asserting over the indie market. I went 'Wide' and was encouraged by the steady growth in sales on iBooks in particular. There seemed to be evidence that going wide was a good move.

However, that initial positive shift has fallen off. Also, iBooks (even through D2D) is tricky to fully manage. It doesn't show reviews until 'enough' have been gathered, and the cover updates have proven both slow and quality disintegrated, which is not leading to sales.

Having moved to a perm-free price match situation on Amazon for the first books of the series, I have found that has really worked for sales of the rest of the series. It seems silly not to capitalise on the amount of free downloads that are happening. This way, the reader still gets a free copy of the first book but I get the page view royalty, too. Sound business sense and allows me to feed and house my family whilst I create my stories.

This is also combined with the fact that I have finally embraced the scary world of AMS and have redirected my previous advertising budget of Facebook / Instagram etc into AMS. It is had a great start with a small amount of investment and it is sensible to concentrate focus into this area by combining it with KU enrolment.

Yes, I do feel a little uneasy about feeding the Amazon machine, but do you know what... Amazon are pretty good at feeding the indie author community in a way other platforms haven't quite caught up with. The only real regret I have is having to withdraw these titles from Smashwords, which is a platform I really love in both it's approach and it's ethos. However, I will still continue to use Smashwords for other works as I feel it is a really important indie institution.

I'm going to be analysing the stats very carefully over a 6 month period and will report back. It's so important to evolve and adapt with the markets and where the readership is settling.

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