Saturday, 12 March 2011

Cover release for 'Immortal Beloved'

So here it is and I'm so excited.

Due out in August 2011, 'Immortal Beloved' is the action packed sequel to 'The Forest of Adventures'. #2 sees a complete change of direction and location for the characters. A book of two halves, 'Immortal Beloved' deals first with the cataclysmic events at the end of 'The Forest of Adventures' and then moves into a classic race against the clock, as Mina finds herself having to set on a quest to save the heart of Blake Beldevier.

The second half of the novel is set amongst the temples and pyramids of Egypt and blends the mythologies of English Folklore, Christian scriptures and Egyptian Mythology.

It is a journey that transcends life and death, and neither Blake or Mina are the same after the dark and terrifying events.

A reworking of the Eurydice myth, 'Immortal Beloved' is a much darker and magical novel than the first and sees the hero and heroine having to face the consequences of their actions in the most torturous and significant of ways.

The novel explores the idea of justice and redemption and is also an exploration about the beauty and importance of real friendship; of having people in your life that choose to love you despite your failings.

You can read the opening extract of 'Immortal Beloved' at this {link} and you can learn more about 'The Knight Trilogy' at the official website

Book One, 'The Forest of Adventures' is currently storming up the amazon charts with a 5* rating UK and 4.5* USA. It is currently 4.2* at Goodreads and 4.5* at Librarything. You can get your e-book copy for Kindle and other e-readers for just 99c at Amazon.

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  1. ohhhh. temples of Egypt. right up my alley. looking great!