Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Cover Reveal & inside info for Book 4 of The Meadowsweets.

To celebrate the New Year and the new book, 'The Meadowsweet
Chronicles has had a beautiful revamp and rebrand. I am totally
in love with the new covers. And what's amazing is that all 7 covers
now sit inside my computer. 
It's finally coming. I know it's taken some time and I know that many of you have been waiting patiently (very patiently) for me to get it finished.

The thing is, Book 4 of 7 has proven to be a very tricky beast and I wasn't prepared to rush something out that would cause a pickle in Books 5-7.

However, it's done and it's going through the editorial process so I can finally announce that the pre-order is now live for Book 4 'Angelicus' on Amazon Kindle and the cover reveal is here.

Not only that, but to celebrate the new year & the new book, the whole series has had a beautiful rebrand and cover refresh. So I'm delighted to share all of that with you guys.

As ever, thank you all for your support, love and encouragement. I love how you guys love this weird, adventurous, folklore filled world of The Meadowsweets as much as I do.

And without further ado, introducing you to the the cover of Book 4.

Book 4 of The Meadowsweet Chronicles
'Angelicus' is now on pre-order

WHAT'S BOOK 4 ALL ABOUT? NO SPOILERS & This is not a blurb ;)

Book 4 begins with a flash back, and not just any flash back but one that takes The Meadowsweet Story back to 745BC, to the founding of the first settlement in Heargton. For one of the characters, it's where their story begins and it knits into the present day story.

The dark forces and energies have charged Heargton up like a super charged supernatural battery and as a result, spirits, ghouls, demons, poltergeists, angels, and all manner of supernatural beings are coming to the fore. The whole village is cloaked in fear and suspicion and the talks of the ancient Heargton Witches curse is rife.

For Jeremiah, his brush with the weird and otherworldly continues, and the arrival of two unexpected guests is cause for further stress and concern; especially the arrival of the mysterious Father Abandon, who has been sent as The Church's answer to the Heargton paranormal problem - only Jeremiah is far from convinced that the handsome and charming priest is who and what he claims to be.

The village is descending into hysteria, with an embracing of old customs, old rituals and old worship. The sacred circle, the village pagan group who have been practicing since the 70s in the back of The Green Man pub, finds itself gaining new members and a whole brand new location at The Rookeries, as a young and persuasive man introduces himself to the circle and begins to lead them into a more shady version of their belief system.

The Ravenhearts are still galavanting around the globe looking for allies in their quest to usurp the Guardians of the Heargton Portal so they can reign over it with ultimate power, but they soon discover that there are many people in the Witch community that have their own agenda and desire for  world domination.

Meanwhile, Fox continues to battle more domestic issues with her relationship with Will Harrington and her best friend Carmen.

And for other Meadowsweet sisters, they discover that, "the path of true love never did run smooth."

ANGELICUS is NOW AVAILABLE for Pre-Order on Amazon worldwide

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078N34MBP
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078N34MBP


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