Monday, 11 December 2017

The perfect parent & daughter Read. New Release from Helen Whapshott.

I am super happy to announce that my fellow Little Bird author, Helen Whapshott is releasing the third book in her series of 'The Glow' this Wednesday. It's called 'Blaze' and is the final instalment in the trilogy.

I have had the amazing privilege of working with Helen on launching this series and have come to hold true affection for the world and characters that she has created.

Not only that, but my 10 year old, avid YA reading daughter also loves the series, not least because she has met Helen in 'real life' and has been completely charmed by her.

The series a perfect Parent / Daughter read and throws up issues surrounding bullying, abuse, growing up, first love, and family difficulties in a really safe way. More challenging topics are touched upon with a lightness of touch that really respects the sensitivities of younger readers who may pick up the series.

There's enough young teen action to keep curious readers occupied, but the series also harks back to a slightly more innocent and magical time.

With strong messages about friendship, adversity, personal acceptance, The Glow series is an absolutely perfect Christmas present for daughters and nieces.

Book three is available in Kindle this Wednesday and is currently on pre-order, and it is out in paperback middle of next week, just in time for last minute Christmas order from Amazon. It will be going out to iBooks, Nook and other eBook platforms in the New Year.

You can get hold of Book One of the series in paperback and eBook here:

and you can pre-order the Kindle edition of book 3 'Blaze' here: 

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