Monday, 10 October 2016

Which Witch Are You?


In my latest series, 'The Meadowsweet Chronicles' the primary story is about warring Witches who are fighting over control of a portal to The Ancient Ones. 

The role of Witches in folklore, fairy-tales and social history has always fascinated me. Especially in terms of how patriarchal society has used the notion of Witches and Witchcraft in ways to define and control women. 

As someone who would describe themselves as leaning towards a  Pagan Christian faith system, I have always been fascinated by the idea of magic and what that means in the modern world. To me, the power of Nature is magical, the power for light to conquer darkness, and for our own hearts to heal another, is a real. 

The Meadowsweet Chronicles playfully explores these notions  of magic, witchcraft, history, stereotypes, female empowerment, love, sisterhood and  and ultimately puts forward a message about how we all have to find a way to conquer our own fears and the fears others place on us. It's a modern day fairytale with a very real message. 


1. You meet a Demon, what do you do?

a) Smash his pretty face to pieces
b) Try to change him
c) Enslave him
d) Use his blood for powerful magic

2. Your familiar is?

a) Hare
b) Black Cat
c) Snake
d) Raven

3. Favourite Colour?

a) Black
b) Purple
c) Red
d) Blue

4. You discover a very powerful, terrible secret, do you? 

a) Keep out, it's not of your business
b) Blackmail and extort the situation
c) Stand up and tell the world about it - truth is all
d) Depends who the secret belongs to - I'm loyal to my friends. 

5. Which saying is closest to your philosophy?

a) Open your heart to the world and love
b) Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
c) Family first
d) Do whatever it takes. 

Question 1: a (3) b (1) c (2) d (4) 
               2: a (1) b (2) c (3) d (4)
               3: a (2) b (4) c (3) d (1)
               4: a (4) b (2) c (1) d (3)
               5: a (1) b (3)  c (4) d (2)

1s . Meadowsweets - You are a force of light and good. You value truth above all else. You are quick and smart and able to use your head as well as your heart. Your flaw is that sometimes you believe too much in the power of redemption. 

2s. Raven hearts - You are smart, fierce, strong and determined. You know what you want and you know how to get it. Your'e attracted to the dark side of nature. You're suspicious of people who seem to want to good with no personal gain, but you're smart enough to smell a rat. You are a leader. Your flaw is that sometimes you find it hard to let things go. 

3s. Southern Territories - You are a team player and you believe in the power of the group, although it's sometimes hard for you to trust others at first. You find it difficult to fit in places, but when you find home, you love it fiercely. You believe in traditional values and fair play, although you do have quiet ambitions. You are very clear about what is right and what is wrong. Your flaw is sometimes you get swept along by the desires of others. 

4s. Debois Sisters - You are all about keeping the power in a tight space. You see the world in shades rather than black and white. You understand that there is no light without dark, and no good without evil. You are drawn to people, animals, ideas that are not conventional or that do not fit the mould. You are calculating and strong. You are a power to be reckoned with, but you have a very deep and strong belief in doing right by the universe. 


In The Meadowsweet Chronicles there are several covens who are part of the narrative. Obviously, the most predominant coven is the Meadowsweet Sisterhood,  but I thought it would be a cool thing to formally introduce you to the covens of the series. 



The Meadowsweet Coven includes Fox, Swan and Bunny Meadowsweet, three sisters, but it also includes their mother Wren, and their three cousins, Prim, Violet and Rose. 

They are one of the oldest covens in the Witch community and have been based in Heargton at the site of 'The Portal'. Their primary role is to act as guardians of The Portal; a door through which The Ancient Ones can access the Earthly Realm. The three sisters are known as The Guardians; although due to their mother's generation turning away from the role, the positioned is weakened and under threat. 

Their coven has always been a force of light and healing. Their powers enhanced due to their powerful bloodline and ancient magical heritage. However, with a war raging, the light is sometimes not enough. 


Lilith, Nigella, and Thalia Ravenheart 
Trinity Coven. 

Also based in Heargton, at the site of the portal, and having been around as long as The Meadowsweets, these once allied Covens have over the centuries become increasingly distant. The Ravenheart's nefarious history, and their generational choice to turn towards the dark has caused them to become an opposition to The Meadowsweets; and their desire to take over the control of The Portal has ensured that their greed, ambition and evil know no bounds. 

The Ravenhearts are also attached to a Demon, which they believe to be their slave, but perspectives can be wrong. 


A Gathering Coven

Headed by the priestess Geavonna, The Southern Territories is a rag-tag gathering of Witches who have found themselves displaced of their own lineage covens. The witches originate from all over the South Americna territories, and come from traditional covens pushed out by the wave of colonial Catholicism that swept the Southern American countries in the 17th and 18th century. It is a large coven of around twenty witches, and they are headed by Geavonna; an ambitious, vengeful and aggressive power. In fighting and politics riddle the Southern Territories.  


Roseline, Belle and Nadine
A Trinity Coven

The Debois sisters are the daughters of a powerful and historical sister trinity in Haiti. Their maternal ancestor was mistress to a colonial slaver, and eventually, with his wife mysteriously killed, the Debois women took over the plantation and estate, establishing themselves as an important powerhouse in the community. Notoriously protective of their trinity, they refuse to ally themselves with any other coven, but are prepared to trade magic and knowledge for their own agenda. 

Their magical heritage is based in Voodoo and is powerful and mysterious. There is a leaning to the dark side but the rules of life and death are different to the Debois sisters, and dark and light are seen as defining of one another rather than being opposites. 

Salem USA

A Gathering Coven

The Farm is a sanctuary for Witches in fear of their life or who have been displaced or persecuted. It is a large community of around 50 Witches who all live together in a commune called 'The Farm'. 'The Farm' is headed by Tituba, a descendent of Tituba from the Salem Witch Trials. 

The Farm is home to Suki, Ethan, Rowan and Melody Drake, who play an important role in the Meadowsweet sisters' narrative. 


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