Sunday, 9 October 2016

Introducing you to October Frights... Prepare for a Frightful Adventure.

Tomorrow kicks off one of my most anticipated times of the author year - it's the October Frights Blog Hop.

I love this blog hop for many reasons.
1) It marks the beginning of Halloween season for me.
2) I get to travel around the blogosphere and check out some really cool blogs that I might otherwise not get to discover.
3) I get to check in with old friends - many of whom I have known on social media for many years.
4) And this is probably the most important, I get to discover a whole host of new reading material for the winter months.

When it comes to books, I behave a little like a bear about to hibernate. Almost all of my reading gets done in two different periods of the year. The summer, when it's a time of holidays, beaches and hanging out in the park whilst the kids play - and then the winter, when the nights have drawn in, the fire is lit and the red wine is flowing.

I stock up on my summer reading mostly at UTOPiA, supporting my fellow authors and friends by purchasing their books, and in the winter, it's all about the darker side of things - of catching up with the releases my awesome horror folk have written over the year, and making my stockpile.

I thought it would be good if today, I shared the link to my fellow authors Blogs in the blogshop widget below, and it would give you a chance to take a little stroll around this world before the big event kicks off tomorrow.

October Frights is 5 days of celebrating everything we do as horror / paranormal writers - it's a chance to engage with new readers, share our work, and have good fun. Most authors are running some kind of giveaway over the course of the 5 days - but it's mostly about having fun and getting to know each other.

Please drop comments on the various blog posts - even if it's just a greeting sentence, and click on those beautiful little social media sharing icons that you'll find at the bottom of most blog posts.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see a lot more of you over the coming 5 days - I've got some really lovely, fun posts, quizzes, and conversation starters as well as a cute giveaway package.


  1. My reading is done in chunks too (vacation time). Looking forward to this event.

    1. Me too. Thanks for stopping by. I am a total binge reader - same with T.V series.

  2. Thanks, Katie - I love meeting new authors and finding new books, as well. Always a fun event. Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Debbie. So nice to meet you. Happy Halloween to you, to. :)