Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Well by Peter Labrow

Genre: Horror
Readership: Adult / YA 15+


Fourteen year old Becca Edwards and her stepbrother boyfriend have fallen into the dark of an ancient, cursed well. With their parents away and their relationship a secret, they are left with the horrifying thought that maybe they may never be found.

As a community rallies together, a stranger, darker force is at work and what seems the stuff of rural folklore, is very much alive and present.

But, the supernatural monster is no the only threat to the small rural village, as amongst their community lives the most terrifying and feared of modern monsters. The problem is, he looks just like any of them.


A great tale with a whole cast of interesting characters and complex relationships. I thought Labrow really encapsulated the whole 'English' small town community and enjoyed the way that he took time out of the main plot to spotlight on the domestic relationships of others connected to the story.

This is clearly a well researched piece and there were a lot of practical details interwoven around the psychological exploration of the situation which made it all highly believable.
It was a definite page turner as all the strands of the story came to an exciting and fast paced climax.

The issues surrounding the supernatural were eerily described and he established a sense of disquiet at the end of the novel, so that, although satisfied with the resolution, the reader is left knowing that the story is really far from over.
Labrow deals with a modern fear with a lightness of touch that whilst allowing us into the mind of a vile human being, there is no sense of over indulgence.

4.0/5.0 - A good read, support this writer and go and buy his book.

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