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Amazing Praise for 'The Forest of Adventures.'

Review by Jennifer Gwendoline
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@KnightTrilogy 'The Forest Of Adventures' by Katie M. John book review.

I love paranormal romance. I can't get enough of it. I am addicted to it. Nevertheless, it was so refreshing to read a paranormal romance that didn't involve vampires, werewolves, faeries or Angels!

I am of course talking about Katie M. John's book, 'The Forest Of Adventures'. It was so wonderfully refreshing and a real pleasure to read. Katie John has written this book beautifully and she has clearly done a lot of research into Arthurian legends and mythology and it really shines through in the story. How very cleverly she weaves these legends with the modern day 21st century and she totally pulls it off brilliantly.

The plot sparkles and it is totally enchanting and magical, sexy and dark and really original.
The story is one of true and forbidden love.
The main charcter, Mina Singer, who narrates the story, finds herself torn between the guy she has been dating for two years called Sam and the new guy called Blake whom she feels instantly attraction to, however Blake isn't all he seems. Mina soon finds that the fairytales she grew up with really do exist and they are more dangerous than you could imagine.

The characters are simply wonderful. They have depth and I found that I came to care about them as if they were real and as if they were my friends.
I found I could totally relate to Mina and I could see myself in her. Even the other characters I found I could relate to having known people like them, such as Sam and even the English teacher, Mr Dwell.
Then there is Morgan, a deliciously evil character who I actually enjoyed reading!

I loved the fact that this isn't an American book. It made such a wonderful change since most of the young adult paranormal romances around today are American. So with this book being British I found I was able to really relate to the life of the high school. The common room in the book could have easily been my common room at school for example.
I couldn't help grinning my way through this book because I could relate to so much. I felt like I was actually there inside the book because of how well I could connect to it.

It is not only the book that has impressed me though it is also the author herself! She is happy to communicate with people who contact her which is really lovely. I found out about this book from Katie John herself and as a result I bought it straight away and began reading it.

Katie John has done a magnificent job with this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait to read the following books in this Knight Trilogy.

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