Sunday, 17 April 2011

"I think therefore I am!"

I've cheekily borrowed this quote from Lacan and so I offer apologies to his genius as I go about using it in a slightly different context. I want you to think about this quote in relation to your own creative status.

Until last year I was somebody who aspired one day to be 'a writer'. I was to be fair doing something about it - as in I was actually writing a book - but I can't in truth say that I felt like I was a writer. It's funny how we manage to convince ourselves that we are something else, anything than what we actually want to be.

I have an artist friend, he would, no doubtedly drop the 'artist' bit of that statement. I've known this man for over six years; an art teacher - a man with a frustrated talent (teaching doesn't allow much physical time or emotional energy for pursuit of 'private' talents). I had seen a couple of his sketches, perhaps three in six years; all of which suggested he was pretty good.

Recently he made a life altering decision - he stopped thinking of himself as a teacher with a modicum of talent and has made the brave but tentative journey to fulfilling his identity as an artist. He's started a blog, created a profile and has taken the massively brave step of actually showing the world his work (even if still with an overly apologetic and humble way). For the first time today, I saw the amazing talent that this man has been hiding - or more correctly - denying. Today for the first time, I didn't just see my friend, I saw my friend the artist.

I've read several blogs about writers' movements into realising their 'role', their 'title' and it seems that they all echo the same sentiment - 'We are afraid' because we fear the world is full of people ready and willing to judge and put down; we're afraid of being seen as a fraud, or a wannabe BUT what I want to say to any of you still harbouring the demon of self doubt, of fear that someone will prove you wrong; "Reality is just the actuation of fantasy"

And be reassured that during my journey towards writer (because that is how I have blushingly decided to term myself) I have been overwhelmed by the huge amount of people, fellow creatives who are so supportive, kind, caring, helpful and want to prove you right; the world is far less judgemental about us than we are about ourselves.

So back to Lacan - "I think I am a writer therefore I am a writer" - The same goes to you.

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