Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Review of 'Six Moon Summer' by S.M.Reine


Deep in the woods something has bitten.

Rylie is a teenager going through transition but it isn't quite the kind of change she had been expecting. Experiencing the angst of teenage isolation and social lack of acceptance, Riley discovers that being different isn't easy.

With a race against the clock to find a cure that will prevent her monstrous transformation, Rileys sets about a journey of self discovery, questioning every idea she has about herself.


What a refreshing change to the werewolf story / trope. This story explores the whole idea of identity and acceptance in adolescence. I Loved the idea of such a strong female protagonist and even though she is a complex character who challenges us to like her - this is a testement to this writer's ability to construct a fully developed character who is completely believable. A well executed book which is very competently written and publlished. Although familiar in it's setting and scenarios, Reine really twists our expectations and creates a great sense of tension and pace.

I think this writer has a brilliant future and I look forward to reading more in the series.

4.5/5.00 (Go out and support this writer because she is brilliant and the story is fab!)

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