Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Snow White: The Apple Bites

Poison wrapped in sweetness,
Firm flesh, dressed in red.
And all the time,
Under the surface,
A maggot worming to the core.

The fruit-full heart,
Seed pitted with hate
Despising Spring’s blossom
For her youth, her hope.

Autumn holds no promise
Other than the bitterness of Winter.
The aging time.
The time of forgetfulness.

Let me hold myself out to you,
In the palm of my crone’s hand.
Let me watch you smile
Before you sleep. Eternity is

love that ever lasts.
No prison-time or
bleak purgatory promised to
a reflected soul.

When your lips kiss my skin
I will smile with the knowledge
Of everything good and evil.

And you will sleep.

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