Thursday, 15 December 2011

#12DaysofCreepfest Author Interview: Annetta Ribken

Author Bio:

Annetta has been writing since words were carved on stone tablets with chisels. Not only does she write her own words, Annetta is also an accomplished editor. She lives just outside of St. Louis with her evil feline overlord, a rescued shelter cat named Athena

"Athena's Promise" synopsis:
Compared to Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series, meet Pallas, the heroine of "Athena's Promise". As the front desk manager of a hotel on the edge of Zombietown, Pallas is used to dealing with angry centaurs, surly trolls, and zombie housekeepers. The trouble really starts when one of her guests ends up dead. But that's not her only problem.

A cop with an attitude – can he be trusted to be more than just a pain in her ass or does he have a more sinister agenda?

A new Guest Services Manager, out for her job and ready to sacrifice anyone in his way – what does he really want?

The attractive maintenance guy, endangering the promise she made out of necessity to the Goddess Athena – does he know more than he's telling?

A mermaid diva, whose show at the Sparkling Butterfly must go on – or else. Pallas needs to find the killer, and fast, or she'll lose her job, her home, and the ragtag family she's adopted out of her crew of "critters". In the course of the investigation Pallas uncovers connections to a nasty Oddities dealer deep in the heart of Zombietown, forcing her to expose a trauma from her past which could threaten her future.

With everyone and everything she loves in danger, the promise made to the Goddess Athena may well damn her if she breaks it, but she is bound and determined to save her friends, her home, and everything she's built.

No matter what it takes.


In 140 characters, describe your private self.
Silly, serious, loyal, focused, addicted to words. Professional hermit with a deep allergy to the Out. Cat lover, mother, grandmother, but only 19 years old in my head.

In 140 characters, describe your writerly self.
I am a driven workaholic with an overactive imagination and a number of storylines I'm trying to untangle. I love the creative process; it's exhilarating and amazing fun.

Tell us more about your current work and projects.
Every day is different, which is one of the things I love the most about my job. I have three editing projects going on in various stages; working with a client on a large project; poking around trying to get "Athena's Chains", the next book in my trilogy plotted; several shorts planned. A boss of mine used to say, "Busy is good." I agree.

Which writers are your biggest influence?
Stephen King and Robin McKinley. I think Stephen King is amazingly talented in the way he brings people to life. There are very few books I've read of his that I feel I could not recognize his characters were I to bump into them on the street. I admire that more than I can say.

Robin McKinley has a beautiful, lyrical style that really appeals to me. Her book, "Deerskin", moved me in so many ways. I love taking a fairy tale or established mythology and give it a good twist, which is what she does here without the usual happy ending. It's a fabulous book.

What is your favourite book / story of all time?
This is too difficult. I would say if I were on a deserted island and could only bring one book, it would have to be "Dragonriders of Pern" by Anne McCaffrey.

How do you like to bring the 'dark side' into Christmas?
I like to watch Christmas movies like the Blade Trilogy, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Grinch is my hero before he gets all mushy. Christmas today is a whole lot different than when I grew up, and I don't like it much now. I try to avoid all the commercialism, the sales, the pressure to clean and cook and shop and wrap and bake and…well, you get the picture.

Describe your perfect fantasy Christmas day.
My perfect fantasy Christmas day would start off by coffee served in bed by a naked minion, while another naked minion cooks dinner. My kids would be here with my grandson for a visit, and we would enjoy the cookies made by yet another naked minion.

Well, maybe not naked if my kids were here.

After a nice meal, everybody goes home. Go on. Get out.

Which six famous figures (dead or alive) would you love to have sitting at your Christmas table?
Nathan Fillion, Stephen King, Louisa May Alcott, Adam Levine, Queen Elizabeth I, Anne McCaffrey.

What are your New Year wishes?

Health, wealth, and happiness. Oh, and world peace. That would be nice.

Just for fun: TRIVIA

Christmas pudding or Stilton Cheese?

Bing Crosby or The Pogues?

The Queen's Speech or Taking out your own eyeballs?
Taking out my own eyeballs. Or maybe taking out the Queen's eyeballs. Hey, I know! Eyeballs that talk with the Queen's Speech!

Turkey or Ham?
Roast beef.

Brussel Sprouts or Carrots?
Roasted Brussel sprouts. MMMMM!

Jolliness or Bah Humbug?
Jolly humbug. Heh.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me, Katie! :)

  2. Netta, you are one of a kind! Excellent interview - had a great laugh!


  3. Thanks, Eden :) It was really nice of Katie to host me. I loved her questions.

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  4. Hi Eden, and Netta,
    It was an absolute pleasure to host Netta. The interview was such fun and it was so nice to learn about an author using slightly quirker questions than the norm.
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  5. Katie, I'd be honored and I will definitely take you up on that. Thanks again! xoxoxo