Sunday, 4 December 2011

Author Interview with Catrina Taylor: Xarrok:Birth of an Empire #1

This week it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the writer, Catrina Taylor (@TheLadyWrites). Her sci-fi novel, 'Xarrok: Birth of an Empire' has been released this weekend and I know it's going to quickly aquire a cult following.

This is a universe in constant turmoil. The major species in this universe have been at war for centuries. Their lives have become driven and motivated by the war and everything around it. Peaceful relations are limited and require strict enforcement. Traditions adhered to are rapidly being challenged and in the worst way possible. Things will change and a new empire will be born. One that will bring an end to the pain its people go through. One that will stand for peace at any cost.

Two warring fleet commanders square off against each other. Each side holding a lost desire. Neither commander backing down. One takes them both on a walk through history in hope he won’t have to take her life.

In your own 40 letters, what is Xarrok: Birth of an Empire about?
It's about finding out there are no limitations to who you are. (is that 40 letters?)

What inspired this wonderful story?
It was inspired by a Twitter Roleplaying group, Rebellion. I'm a part of it, and the story of how the two main characters in the RP got together rooted this book in my mind and my heart poured the words out.

How long was it in the making and writing?

This book is decades in the making, but about a year in the writing. I'm excited that it's finally out and the partner book is nearly ready as well.

Was it inspired by any other works?
In a sense it was. The Rebellion RP Group is a Star Trek fan fiction story that unfolds on the timeline.

It's part of a series, is the next one written?
Not fully written no. I'd estimate about half way but the Editor is going to be breathing down my neck on this one so it won't take as long to get out. Not only that but with book one I still had a child home and one in school, and that obviously posed another obstacle to completion that I don't have with book two.

Where do you like to write and what is your writing method?
I write locked up in my bedroom usually. That's where my PC is and it's the easiest method for my creation, so that's where it is.

Tell us something lesser known about yourself.
I'm giving this one some thought. I guess that I'm stuck in the midwestern USA when I'm a city girl at heart.

Where can we find out more about you and your writing?
My writing can be found in a few locations.
My business site has
My universe - the world of Xarrok is located at
Information on the aforementioned RPGroup from Twitter can be found at
And of course anyone can chat with me on twitter @TheLadyWrites

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