Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A love poem for my hubby

Here is a Valentine's Day flash poetry piece dedicated to my hubby. It's simple, straightforward and honest, because the thing is, sometimes the greatest feelings of love are found at the kitchen sink when doing the washing up together after a crappy day at work.


There are many ways I love you.
The way I pack your lunch for work,
Or fold your clothes.
Or think of you in fleeting smiles
When sat in boring meetings.

There are many ways you love me
In the way you stroke my hair,
Always break the last cookie into two.
Spontaneously buy me chocolate,
Send me e-mails signed with x

We hold hands and catch smiles,
Tell each other ‘I love you.”
Taste each other’s gravy secretly,
And add more salt or stock.

We stand at our daughter’s door,
Watch her sleeping. Our arms around
Each other. We are proud and content.
She is the best of us.

And I believe I will love you always,
Even when there are times you let me down
Because the deal is ....
You will do the same for me.

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