Thursday, 15 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 15

Haha, well you can see how this goes - diligently posting my NaNo journal everyday for the first four days and then zip - zilch - zero. The reason (well for the last three days) has been that I have been far too busy writing my NaNo novel. This is mainly because I had a catastrophic gap from days 6-10 when I only managed a few hundred words.

Fear not - everything is hand.
The last three days I have been storming ... well until today that was. Had one of those days where the kids were sick, the house was a tip and I had a crazy in tray for Little Bird that had to be cleared or I risked the disintegration of my entire business - oh and I had to write my PhD propsal letter lol.

I had a dream back in October that the whole month would be one big self-indulgent writer fest - it's not quite panned out like that, it's more like another marital duty has been added to the list. But thank goodness, just like other marital duties, when you actually give in and get down to it, it's actually completely mind-blowingly brilliant lol!

Anyway, really can't stay. I MUST clock in some more words before I can go to bed. Just an hour this evening. I have visions that I'm going to end up NaNoing through my watching of the new Twilight film - I'm not joking.

I intend on stopping by tomorrow but don't worry if I don't. In fact it is probably a good sign if I haven't. It means I'm far too busy writing those words.

Kate x

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