Thursday, 10 January 2013

Extract from 'The Forest of Adventures'

It is exactly in this week of the year, that the story of Mina and Blake begins. The snow is falling, the witch is plotting and hearts are beginning to break... The Forest of Adventures. Book One of The Knight Trilogy.

Snow began to fall and, whether it was the blood rushing to my head, or the effect Blake had on me, I had the sudden feeling of being turned slowly upside down inside of a snow-globe. Time slid; the snow fell in slow motion and Blake looked deep into my eyes. I was transfixed on a single snowflake that was balanced on one of his long, dark eyelashes. His brown eyes were the only promise of warmth in the whole landscape.
The spell was suddenly broken by Blake’s warm and amused voice, “Ah! It would seem that we’re both faced with the same dilemma.’ His eyes flashed with promise.
I smiled back in response, not trusting myself to speak without making a further idiot of myself.
“So…are you going to tell me what is quite so fascinating about that particular patch of floor?” he said, laughing.
I shrugged. “Nothing - it was nothing. I was tying my shoe lace.”
Blake looked down at my zip up boots and looked away, letting it go.
“So to be or not to be?” he said, nodding in the direction of the English block.
“I don’t know; Dwell’s a real time beast.”
He smiled. “Some people find time more important than others.” He looked at me and I couldn’t help but sense he was trying to say something more, that he was urging me to understand a hidden message but before I could fathom, he went on, “Look, I don’t know about you but I am freezing and the thought of Dwell’s frosty reception doesn’t fill me with a warm glow. However…” he cracked a flirtatious smile, “…hot chocolate at the bookshop seems tempting. How about it? Can I tempt you?”
This was the moment. This choice, at this point would set the whole future in motion. 
(The Forest of Adventures #1 of The Knight Trilogy 99cents

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