Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Book Spotlight: Beautiful Freaks

Well, it's absolutely freezing outside - to the point I had mild frost bite yesterday afternoon despite wearing my gloves. (To be fair, I do have terrible circulation in my hands) So in my opinion there is only one thing to do in such vile weather - that is to indulge; a thick continental homemade hot chocolate, the heating on full, a nice woollen blanket and a book that helps you escape.

So if you're looking for a good read (I'm going by the reviews here) for a small outlay of just $2.99 then maybe my book, 'Beautiful Freaks' is for you.

I highly recommend Beautiful Freaks. If you plan to read a few chapters at a time, you may want to wait until you can settle into a comfortable chair and have plenty of time to read. Once I started this book, I had to finish it. Katie M. John has created an extraordinary tale that will pull you in and have you begging for more. (Goodreads)

It's set in the dark and violent underworld of late Victorian London and tells the twisted and destructive love story between the eighteen year old Kaspian Blackthorne and the older Evangeline Valentine, owner of an exclusive club in the Haymarket that is known for its Palace of Beautiful Freaks.

Their love story is set against a series of brutal and strange murders which leaves the intelligent and genteel Detective Steptree with no other conclusion but that they are paranormal. With each murder, the reader is taken into a fairytale, whereby they meet a whole cast of dark and wicked characters that tell the story of our cast of heroines.

Taking classic fairytale images and ideas, I've created a series of stories that invert the classic helpless heroine story and show her triumphing over adversity and abuses.

As the stories all come together, heading towards their inevitable tragic ending, the reader is forced to choose their loyalties - and things aren't as straight forward as they look.

Over to the reviewers: 

"5 Glorious Stars. Fans of Tim Burton will love this book!" (The Murder House)

"What a stunning read, this author never fails to surprise me with her imagination!" (Emma Darch Harris)

"This book is a fantasy like no other and is so far beyond amazing" (Turner's Antics Book Review Blog)

"Beautiful Freaks is such a phenomenal book! I was pleasantly surprised how emotionally involved I became with many of the characters. Their stories and backgrounds had my heart aching, while my curiosity was peaked wanting to know how each would fit into the grand scheme. " (Tina Donelly)

GET YOUR COPY FOR JUST $2.99 at Amazon.com or £1.58 at Amazon.co.uk 

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