Wednesday, 8 May 2013

'Easy' by Tammara Webber

Publisher: Penguin
Genre: New Adult Romance
Audience: 15+

To be honest, the only reason I purchased this book was because I wasn't going to miss out on the WHSMITHS' Buy one get one half price offer and I was in a rush for the 22.40 train out of Waterloo. It's sat on my TBR pile for a couple of months and it's only because it was a last minute grab before a family outing to Bushy Park that it got placed in the picnic bag - and I am so glad that I did!

 I didn't hold out great expectations, despite it being a 'New York Times' Best Seller' and so I was pleasantly surprised by the fluidity of the prose and the pace of the narration. I quickly found myself propelled to read on about Lucas' and Jacqueline's story and completed the book in just a couple of sittings.

Webber explores the really dark side of college campus life and the complexities of the Frat house politics - something quite alien to these British experiences. Jacqueline is a really easy character to travel with; she is honest and reflective and her growing attraction to Lucas is easily echoed in the reader.

 Despite the blurb's suggestion that this is 'another' 50 Shades erotica type - it isn't and it's all the very better for it. This is a classy, restrained and totally seductive, sexy read. I don't want to give too much away about this book because I really want you to enjoy its unfolding story as you read it.

  Here is the official blurb: 'I took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly before turning around. It was Lucas who stood there. His gaze was penetrating, not wavering for a moment, and my pulse hammered under his silent scrutiny. I couldn't remember the last time I'd been so full of pure, unqualified desire.' Lucas is the stranger who saved Jacqueline from an attack by a fellow student - she'd never noticed him before and then, and now he's everywhere. But can Jacqueline trust him - or will the secrets he's hiding come between them?

5 entertaining, happy-reading stars!

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