Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Spontaneous Poetry

I AM. 
Katie M. ©2013

Vespers of light seep 
through the blue velveteen night. 
The birds sing of a dawning hope, 
That this day will be as the very first. 

And, as if some part of me can fathom, 
The unfathomable mysteries of the universe, 
I sense myself unfurl under the rising sun. 

With deepening breath, 
Heart nourished by tears and fuelled by
The insensible fears of the dark hours,
I am strengthened. 

I am strong. 

I am reborn from the power of 
The light and song;
The beat of all hearts,
Of beast and man. 
I am flesh made art. 
I am soul made iron. 

I carry myself through the wooded lands, 
the stone-ice mountains, the soft watered lakes. 
I am a precious cargo, a heavy load, 
But I am resolute. 
I am sure. 

I am. 

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