Monday, 25 August 2014

Summer Holiday Reviews I. Scary Mary by S.A Hunter

Scary Mary by S.A Hunter

Product Description
Mary has always been different. She’d like to be normal, but being able to hear ghosts means she’ll never be like everyone else. She starts her junior year of high school hoping to be left alone, but Cyrus Asher is new and doesn’t know or seem to care that she’s an outcast. They start hanging out and all is well until she goes over to his house. Cy’s house is haunted, and not by Caspar, the friendly ghost.

But it’s not the ghost that ruins the evening. That honor belongs to Vicky “The Hickey” Nelson with her borrowed Ouija board and stuck-up friends. They make her so angry that she uses the ghost to freak out everybody. Cy orders her out and Mary thinks she’s lost whatever chance she had with him. But there’s still the ghost to deal with. He’s mean, nasty, and possibly homicidal. She has to get rid of him or Cy and his family could be hurt. Or worse.

I downloaded this Indie on a Freebie whim. The slightly amateur cover  (which has since been updated to this lovely one above) hides a real gem. I can’t get over how much I really enjoyed this story. I consumed it quickly and was loathed to put it down – it’s a fast paced tale with characters that immediately click.  I can’t wait to read the sequels to this! It's an entertaining piece of story telling with good characterization, an absorbing story line and a sense of world building that is both believable and a good place to hang out.

There is a delightful sense of humour and lightness of touch that runs through the story. Can’t recommend this highly enough for readers of teen paranormal romance and ghost stories – and even better still, it’s still currently on free download.

5 STARS (Well deserved) 

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