Wednesday, 13 May 2015

UtopYA Update: Pre-order books for Swag & Gift Bags

UtopYA update. I can't believe it is only just over a month to go until I'm heading on a plane with my lovely hubby and bro-in-law to head over to Nashville for the UtopYA readers and authors convention.

As well as being bonkers busy finalising the publication of Book 2 of The Meadowsweet Chronicles in time for its release (to coincide with UtopYA) I am literally drowning in glue-sticks, sequins, beads and other gorgeous craft stuff, putting together swag and gift bags.

Obviously, when I signed up for this crazy cat idea, I hadn't really considered the logistics (blame it on my arty-side of the brain) and so it is going to be a tour de force of planning and packing.

I am only cramming a certain amount of books between our three suitcases, so to be sure of securing your signed paperback editions at special UtopYA prices and your thank you goodie bags crammed full of swag then please fill in the pre-order form below.

Your beautiful be-ribboned pink paper tote will be all stuffed, labelled and ready for collection on the day.

I have put together some VERY special UtopYA bundle and gift packages, which include wrap bracelets, watches, handmade collaged bookmarks, bead book charms and a whole host of other gorgeous swag goodies.

Ideally, to make life a lot easier, I'd kindly ask you to pay via PayPal on pre-order, but if you'd rather bring cash on the day that's cool. If you've got cell phone access, you can do a PayPal transfer on the day, but I'm not guaranteeing that will definitely work.

See you there!

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