Saturday, 13 June 2015


Welcome to UtopYA from your armchair. This series of posts (posted over the next 14 days) is designed to give you folks back here in the U.K a little taster of the UtopYA Author & Reader Con  experience. It's also a chance for you to get to know some of the authors and to pick up some gorgeous swag and freebies. As well as posting live from the event (prepare yourself for selfie-madness) there will be virtual tables set up here on the blog.

The following amazing authors have signed up to take part in this virtual con. Jolene Buchheit, Kelly Risser, Kallie Ross, Rachael Brown, C.J.Pinard, Jo Michaels, N.L.Green, Amy Evans, Michele G. Miller, Chris Cannon, Sharon Rose Mayes, Amy Leigh Strickland, Brenda Hiatt, Catherine Stine, Natasha Hanova, K.D.Wood, Shawn McGuire, Liz Long and Elizabeth Sharp, Vanessa Kimball and Me, Katie M John

Each of these authors has offered some of the swag from their stall to put into one of Three U.K Swag bags. I shall be lugging a full suitcase of goodies back by the looks of it.

Each Swag bag will contain a random (but equally distributed) selection of items from the UtopYA conference. The items on the Rafflecopter giveaway are a very strong indicator of what may be included, but it isn't a 100% guarantee; think of it more like a lucky dip. What I can tell you is that the three gift bags are going to be truly swagtastic; the authors have been truly generous.

The plan is that two authors will be featured a day starting on Monday of this week and it will run for a fortnight. The Rafflecopter entry form will be attached to each  virtual stand, giving you  a chance to get lots of entries into the proverbial hat.

Good Luck and I hope you enjoy meeting these fabulous authors and their works as much as I do.

A List of the pledged swag offerings.
Jolene Buchheit - bracelet keychain, magnet, bookmark and a signed paperback
Kelly Risser, Metal book mark with charms, a necklace, bracelet, button pin and signed paper swag.
Kallie Ross - a signed copy of Descent: A Lost Tribe Book 1 and a signed copy of Defend: A Lost Tribe Book 2 + a gift bag
Rachael Brownell - Bookmarks, bracelet, magnets and small goodies.
C.J Pinard -  A signed paperback copy of one of her books, bookmarks and small goodies.
Jo Michaesls - a preview booklet, a bookmark and a pair of Fractured Glass Earrings.
N.L.Greene - a signed copy of Illusions Begin and a Fractured Glass button badge.
Amy Evans - a signed paperback and swag pack to include jewellery and postcards
Michele G Miller - A signed paperback
Chris Cannon - Magnets, bookmarks, postcards and an e-Book copy code for Going Down in Flames.
Sharon Rose Mayes - A signed paperback of Book 1 of 'Blood Pact'
Amy Leigh Strickland - A pair of button badges
Brenda Hiatt - signed postcards with QR codes for free books from 7 different authors and some temporary 'Sparks' tattoos.
Catherine Stine - A paperback copy of 'Dorianna'
Natasha Hanova - signed paperback, bookmark and nailvarnish
K.D.Wood - signed paperback copy of 'Unwilling'
Shwan McGuire - Hippie duck, tie-dye pen, wish bracelets, bookmarks, postcards and buttons
Liz Long - A signed paperback copy of Book 1 in The Donovan Circus Series, Bookmark and button
Elizabeth Sharp - A special blogger swag bag (normally exclusive to bloggers)
Vanessa Kimball - A signed bookmarks, pins and magnets
Katie M John - Knight Trilogy wrap bracelet, eBook code for free Book One of Knight Trilogy, signed postcards and metal and semi-precious stone bookcharm.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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