Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Let's play Beautiful Bodies.

It's day 6 of the #OctoberFrights blog hop and I'm having such a good time. Thank you to all of you who have swung by the blog, read some posts, played some games and generally hung out and had fun.

It's Tuesday. Personally, I have always found Tuesdays to be the most underwhelming day of the week, so let's change that - let's have some fun, play some games, get a conversation going and rock this whole Halloween thing out.

Win a beautiful Venetian style
Halloween Ball Mask
like this one. All you got to
do is play along.
Well done to those of you who came over to play Three Little Words last week. There were truly some very awesome 3 word flash fiction pieces. Prizes will be announced in a week or so.
Today we are going to play a game that the Surrealist brotherhood called, 'Beautiful Bodies' - but rather than drawing, we're going to use words.


I am going to start off a creepy little tale of woe and wonder here at the bottom of this post. It will be an opening paragraph. The first person to arrive and open the comment box is going to add a paragraph onto the story, and then the next will write the next paragraph, and so on and son on, reaching out into the far and distant future.

Try to leave a little hook for the following person to work with - the aim of the game is collaboration, but feel to twist and turn that plot and genre - that's part of the fun. If you're feeling really cruel then you can leave the sentence half-finished.

Keep it clean - snogging is totes allowed. Chopping up is allowed, but don't do dead babies, rampant nookie or any crazy psychosexual weirdness.

Your paragraph maybe as short as you like, but no hogging - you're allowed a total of 50 words. Keep it tight guys.

PRIZE - A masquerade mask - because after all that's what Halloween is about - oh that and a packet of Garabaldi biscuits because we're keeping it surreal folks. All you got to do is play, and one lucky winner will be picked at random in a week or so. Happy writing.

Here is the beginning of our dastardly tale.

Maria looked in the mirror and smoothed her hands over her silk wrapped hips. Tonight was going to be a good night; a very good night. The moon was full and the winds had changed from the warm southern winds to the cold northern gusts. It was the perfect night to.....


  1. ...dance with the dead under the pale moonlight. Her undead partners awaited her in the graveyard. She was in the mood to waltz, perhaps even samba. She just needed...

  2. ...to work up the nerve to see him again. It had been three years since the death of her beloved Jonathan, the man she murdered. She prayed that he might understand this time, and that some secrets must be kept... no matter the cost.

  3. (Well there wasn't really a hook.)
    Looking down, she twirled her wedding ring as she passed through the cemetery gates. A raven flew above Maria and landed on Jonathan's tombstone. Approaching Jonathan's tombstone Maria pulled out the vial she had hidden beneath her silk wrap. Pressing her lips to the vial she...