Tuesday, 10 November 2015

NaNoWriMo: Update.

I'm dashing here between word-sprints to share with you a little moment from the NaNoWriMo WIP. The current status is day 10 and wordcount is 25,062 so I am officially over the half-way mark. I can't stop long because the piece is demanding to be written.

Here's a little extract to give you an insight into what I am writing and to introduce you, albeit briefly, to the three main characters of, 'I Defy The Stars'
Only Cutz knew that in the dark and silent hours this was how Rafe spent his time. Bleeding words. Building philosophies. That painful tension of seeking perfection and knowing, always, it was going to fall short – no matter how far you pushed the outward boundaries of your thinking, there were always words that fell clumsily, no matter how beautiful they were in themselves. There were always lines that read too empty, or too full.
These words were entire poems in themselves, and yet to some they would not be enough. And this was the same for people. In Rafe’s mind, the most perfect poem about about Juliet would be the simple and most profound act of writing her name in the middle of a blank space.


In those six black scribed marks, in that semi-colon the whole poetry of her past, present and future. The proxemics of the letters to one another, a whole song of her being. Of the name sung to her in her infanthood, to the name breathed out between kisses, to the name that would one day be carved in cold stone, each letter fading with the ravenous appetite of time.

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