Saturday, 7 November 2015

Say Hello to McCallum J Morgan

Today I am sharing with you the cover reveal of my fellow Little Bird Author, McCallum J. Morgan's new book, 'A Hole In The Sea', Book 2 of 'The Weathercaster Saga'.

McCallum sporting one of his rather dapper
outfits of his own creation
As part of the Little Bird editorial team, I have had the amazing pleasure of working along side McCallum on his books, and I can tell you, I have rarely come across such exquisite word wrangling or such super world building. Working with McCallum's books is never like working at all.

McCallum's books refused to be defined by a single genre, and this is what I love about them. It is mermaid, it is adventure, it is steampunk, it flirts with dreadpunk, it is folklore and fairytale, historical and paranormal, but at the same time it is none of these things exactly -- and this is what I LOVE about McCallum's works and McCallum himself; he refuses to be conventional, he weaves his own magic.

McCallum deserves a huge readership and readers deserve to have books like these in their lives. So if you are looking for all the elements you love about the above genres, but are looking for something fresh, innovative and ultimately, MAGICAL then dig deep into your pockets, pull out a $1 and get hold of Book One before the release of Book Two on January 28th. (Book 2 is now on Pre-order)

So here, without much further ado, is the cover for 'A Hole In The Sea'.


As the chase continues into the extraordinary seascape of a mysterious ocean, where sea monsters reign, deadly mermaids hunt, and pirates skulk, Parsifal learns that staying alive on the high seas is no easy task; especially when being hunted down by the vengeful and determined Lady Vasille. As beautiful, deadly, and driven as ever, Lady Vasille will stop at nothing to retrieve the compass and the power it contains. In this fantastically wrought, nautical fantasy adventure, McCallum J. Morgan transports the reader into a truly magical realm. Available on all eBook platforms and paperback from January 2016. ‘A Hole in The Sea’ is the second book of ‘The Weather Casters Saga’ Book One is available on Amazon worldwide in eBook and paperback

Paperbacks are available from Amazon

PRE-ORDER links are also live.

In order to celebrate the launch period of 'A Hole in The Sea' I have a spare paperback edition of 'A Hole in The Ice' that I'm happy to send to one random UK reader who leaves a comment in the box below. Please help spread the word by sharing this post on Twitter.

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