Monday, 25 April 2016

Works Eligible for UTOPiA 2016 Nominations / Awards 2016

This year has been busy in so many ways, but not quite so much on the actual publishing of novels. Between April 1st 2015 and April 1st 2016, I published the 12 part serial 'Beautiful Freaks, and the NA / Upper YA contemporary Romance, 'When Sorrows Come' both of which are eligible for UTOPiA Nominations as this year's UTOPiAcon.

Malachi: Mathematical Genius, Poet, Swimmer, and Narcissist.
Ophelia: Artist, Poet, and subversive

A poignant tale of first, enduring love. An Upper YA novel that explores the bitter-sweet emotions of first love against a backdrop of personal tragedy and metamorphosis into the adult world.

At seventeen years old, both Ophelia and Malachi are already facing the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Ophelia has to survive frequent trips to the psychiatric unit to visit her bi-polar mother, and Malachi is battling the rage of his father's death, and his uncle's hasty marriage to his mother.

It is amongst these turbulent parental legacies and accompanying self-destructive impulses that Ophelia and Malachi begin a twisted exploration of first love. They discover that nothing in life is certain except all choices have consequences. 

Categories for consideration for  UTOPiA Awards 2016: Best Contemporary, Book Hangover.


A Serialised Story in 12 parts.
SEASON ONE. Episodes 1-12

A dark and twisted saga that winds its way through the Victorian streets of London like a luxurious and lethal ribbon.
When a series of terrifying and seemingly paranormal murders occur at a rapid rate, panic and fear grip the city. Still haunted by the ghost of the Whitechapel Ripper case, Inspector Steptree is forced to admit the murderer he now pursues maybe even more wicked and brutal. As the case closes down on the mysterious No.7 club, owned by the enigmatic Evangeline Valentine, Steptree discovers that evil is far from a fantasy.

It is against this backdrop that Kaspian Blackthorne turns eighteen and begins his apprenticeship under the scientific maverick, Doctor Greyson, a pioneer in brain surgery, and human transplantation. Whilst Kaspian is introduced to the horrors and wonders of man’s scientific progress, he also begins an epic adventure of self-discovery and infatuation. Guided into the decadent and luxuriant world of the London West End night scene by his new friend Hugh Denvers, Kaspian tastes the sweet temptation of a life less ordinary, but such a privilege comes at a terrible price.

A cast of timeless characters and dark, grown-up fairy tales interweave to create a rich and haunting tale of fear and desire.

Based on the original novel, ‘Beautiful Freaks’ written and published in 2013 by Katie M John, this series is a development of that world. This is the first season of a planned three seasons. You can find out more about this season and forthcoming seasons on the official site.

Categories: Best serial series, Best Paranormal, Best Supernatural Villain.

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