Monday, 3 October 2016

Viva La Revolution.

Today on my blog I want to introduce you  to an incredible collection of stories, and an even more incredible thing  happening around this anthology. The title of this anthology is called REVOLUTION and it's apt because it is directly funding a revolution.

A revolution of literacy.

Every single penny and cent raised from the anthology, 'Revolution' is making
a direct and very real impact on the lives of young people in
South Africa. Each purchase breaks down another brick in the barriers
that divide a world. 
The world is a very unfair place. It is divided between those who have and those who have not - and one of the greatest barriers that marks that divide is literacy. The power of the word - the power to read, to write, is denied due to many through; circumstance, politics, geography and economics - and sadly there are those who even have an agenda to keep it that way.

But there are also those who have an agenda to abolish those barriers - and one of those incredible people is +Carlyle Labuschagne, an incredible woman who is tackling the injustice of illiteracy one book at a time in her home country, South Africa.

Carlyle is founder of the 'Help Build A Library In South Africa Foundation', Founder of SAIR (A writer's conference in South Africa) and also an author.

The UTOPiA 5th Year Anniversary
Anthology Titled 'Revolution'. A collection
of 8 extraordinarily talented tales of
overcoming all the odds.
Cover design by Philip Benjamin
Carlyle is a member of a very special book family, called UTOPiA and it is led by Janet Wallace, another woman determined to shake up the world and tear down barriers. UTOPiA is a writer, blogger and reader conference that takes
place annually in Nashville, Tennessee. This year saw its 5 year anniversary, and to celebrate, I proposed, (as founder of Little Bird Publishing) voluntarily to put together a celebration of stories that celebrated the convention and the very special 5th year anniversary theme of REVOLUTION.

When I suggested this idea to Janet, she immediately replied that she loved the idea of an anthology, but she wanted to the monies raised to go to Carlyle Labuschagne's charity - she wanted that money to go directly into changing the lives of young people in South Africa - which is what it already has done.

ALREADY, FUNDS RAISED FROM THE ANTHOLOGY HAVE FUNDED 2x COMMUNITY LIBRARIES IN TWO OF THE MOST IMPOVERISHED AREAS OF JOHANNESBURG and with your purchase, more libraries will be funded, meaning your action of purchasing this book directly impacts on changing the world for the better.

Many of the 'Revolution' writing and publication
team were there at UTOPiA 2016.

This anthology contains 8 stories by 8 UTOPiAns - every single story has the theme of revolution running through it, but it as an incredibly diverse range of genres and approaches. Each story is around 10,000, and is written by some of the most talented YA authors out there. And the reason why each story is so good is because everybody involved in this project understood the power and importance of what could come of it.

Me with Carlyle Labuschagne
(Founder of the 'Help Build
A LibraryIn South Africa foundation
- an incredible woman
who I have the great honour of being able
to call one of my dearest friends.
It is with great thanks to the contributing authors (by Jessie Campbell   Nooce Miller  Christina Benjamin  Raye WagnerCaroline A. Gill  Desira Fuqua  Tricia Zoeller  Kelly Risser  Janet Wallace (Founder of UTOPiA Con), Carlyle Labuschagne, cover designer Philip Benjamin and my team at Little Bird, that I share this anthology with you, and if asked what some of my proudest projects and achievements have been, the putting together and development of this anthology project would be one of them.

It is available in Paperback and eBOOK and ALL profits from the sale of this anthology go directly to  the Help Build A Library In South Africa Foundation.

Purchase Links: All costs of the anthology have now been covered, which means every. single. penny or cent of your purchase of the eBOOK goes directly to this amazing cause. It is also available in paperback and all money after print costs goes to the charity.

e-BOOK & paperback links can be found at.


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