Monday, 23 January 2017

The Creative Heart.


It's difficult to explain to a less creative soul what it is like to be 'A Creative'; how utterly life enhancing and emotionally draining it can be. How being a roller coaster that refuses to be bound by tracks. Someone once used the metaphor of it being like a hundred or more browsers being open on your laptop all at once and your mind constantly flicks and takes interest between each one. 

Sometimes it is very hard to settle on the one point of focus and that is often when the self-disappointment, frustration and psychological self-harm creeps in; that state of suspended, unfulfilled climax of an action to create something meaningful, beautiful, tangible. 

Many Creatives feel this same kind of nostalgia in the present - a painful longing for something in the immediate past. Always internally chastising ourselves for that last half hour we wasted not creating what our heart wants us to create until...

the dam bursts and out pours our creative heart; and we find ourselves caught in an almost magical force of energy in which anything is possible and everything is ours. These moments, some refer to as the workings of the muse, cause a literal neurological high.

It’s then we realise that all those moments we sat drinking tea, watching Netflix, walking aimlessly around, were actually a germination period. 

It’s important to be kind to ourselves, creativity is exhausting.

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