Monday, 5 June 2017

A Romeo & Juliet for our Times

I am Delighted to share with you the next chapter in the story of my stand alone Upper YA Contemporary Romance novel, 'I Defy You, Stars'

It has been enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and to celebrate, it has a whole new look.

This Romeo  and  Juliet Contemporary Romance is the perfect read for the summer season. A story of love, tragedy and hope, it promises you all the feels.

You can get your Kindle Unlimited FREE copy or your $2.99 copy here at Amazon

Here's the latest review in
 5 STARS "A gritty retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Katie John has her finger on the pulse of London's youth and weaves a beautiful tale of art, love, family and betrayal, showing us how Shakespeare's classic tragedy is timeless. I couldn't put it down."

Here's a little more about it.

A Romeo and Juliet tale for our times. A bitter-sweet, romantic tragedy for fans of John Green, Rainbow Rowell, and E. Lockhart. A story of broken families, bullying, street art, social anarchy, poetry, and Shakespeare. 

What would you do if were accused of trying to murder your best friend? 

For sixteen-year-old Juliet, all the certainties of the world collapse when she is accused of murdering her best friend. For as long as Juliet can remember, Amber has been in her life; the sister she never had, the only friend she could truly trust – but with Amber’s accident comes a devastating revelation, which might just be motive enough for Juliet to want Amber dead. 

With her family and college life breaking down around her, Juliet turns to Rafe; the boy she met at a party just a few weeks ago. Together, they brave the turbulence of the encroaching adult world, finding love amongst the broken pieces of their lives. 

However, the cruel twists and turns of fate, soon call time on their budding romance, forcing both of them to make decisions they’ll come to regret. 

“Get the tissues ready, I guarantee this novel will punch you in the gut and make you cry.”

“The lives of Juliet and Rafe are like an unfolding car crash, which you just can’t pull your eyes away from.”

“Woven throughout all the sadness, there is this ribbon of hope that keeps you reading through the night.”

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