Saturday, 24 February 2018

The Meadowsweet Chronicles. Boxed and on celebratory Sale.

On March 22nd, Book 4 of Katie M. John's 'The Meadowsweet Chronicles', 'ANGELICUS' comes out. To celebrate the launch of book four of this planned seven book series, we have bundled Book 1 and 2 of The Meadowsweet Chronicles into one simple one click box set of the first two books for just £0.99 / $0.99

You can grab your discount eBook copy here:


There’s no light without the dark. 

Fox Meadowsweet is a Witch. Jeremiah Chase is a Witch Hunter. 

The Meadowsweet bloodline has lived in the sleepy English village of Heargton for thousands of years. Jeremiah Chase is a New York boy in exile. 

Neither of them asked for their past but now it’s the only thing that can save their future as dark and ancient paranormal forces threaten to obliterate the world. 

When a local college girl is discovered ritually murdered and covered in strange symbols, old suspicions rise, ancient fears manifest, and centuries-spanning blood feuds reignite between ancient households of the village.

With their ancestral reputation of magic and witchcraft, eyes turn towards the three beautiful Meadowsweets sisters… including the eyes of Jeremiah Chase, who finds himself inexplicably drawn to the quirky wild-beauty of the middle sister, Fox.  

But as Jeremiah learns the history of her bloodline, he also unearths the dark and tangled story of his own family, giving him knowledge of a terrible and diabolical legacy. 

This box set contains books 1 & 2 of The Meadowsweet Chronicles.

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