Tuesday, 18 December 2018

IT'S BOOK BIRTHDAY DAY for The Wolf Princess Series, Book 2

It's out today. 'Wolf Winter' part of The Bathory Academy Universe.
Read it in conjunction with the Bathory Academy series, or as a stand alone series in its own right.
Free on Kindle Unlimited. Just $2.99 on Kindle.
Disobeying my father, our Chief, was not something I wanted to do, but what choice did I have? An innocent man is condemned to die and I have the power to stop it. I think. I hope.
With my powers rising, with my world expanding, and my heart teaching my head that love is also a weapon, I am preparing to prove myself worthy, and save our clan from a terrible darkness that might destroy us once and for all.
But first, I have to discover the true extent of my powers, and my time at Bathory Academy, School of Vampires, is providing me with the perfect education, even if I don't exactly like what I'm learning.
In this second companion novella series to Bathory Academy, Astrid Nordskov finds herself caught between the worlds of Bathory Academy and all its magical revelations, and the duty of home, back in the wilds of Denmark.
With northern magic, Norse folklore, Vikings, shifters and vampires, The Wolf Princess series can be read as a series in its own right or alternated with the books of Bathory Academy for a fully immersive experience.
If you want to start at the very beginning and plunge into the complete world and story, then start with BOOK 1 of The Bathory Academy Series, 'Vampire Hearts' here
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FYDW4FH
Vampire Hearts (Book 1 of Bathory Academy)
Wolf Princess (Book 1 of Astrid: Bathory Universe)
Vampire Masks (Book 2 of Bathory Academy)
Wolf Winter (Book 2 of Astrid: Bathory Universe)
Vampire Kiss (Book 3 of Bathory Academy) OUT FEB 2019

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