Sunday, 20 February 2011

'Bits of you & Pieces of Me' by Kimberly Kinrade

"Haunting and Beautiful."

This was as if Kimberly Kinrade had ripped out her very beautiful and eloquent heart and presented it in front of you. It was a very moving collection of stories and poems; which had a terrible sadness attached to them.
The collection is a true and honest expression of a side of feminity to which many women can relate.
With great skill, she has balanced the poetic with the beauty of simplicity. There are some stunning works of poetry intermingled between observational pieces and short stories.
It reminded me very much of Native American story telling in which stories are interjected with poems, ideas and objects. Although written they have a strong sense of the oral and you get the feeling that you are being spoken directly too.
This is a really interesting read and the sort of collection that you would find yourself dipping into everynow and again once you had read it.
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  1. Thank you Katie for this beautiful review of my book. I appreciate your words greatly!

  2. A pleasure Kimberly. I found it a powerful and moving read.