Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bio Power

Have you realised the power of your Twitter bio?

In just the last month, I've had more than ten people DM me to tell me that as a direct result of my Twitter Bio, they've gone on to search out more about my writing (and have subsequently gone on to buy my book.)

Here is my bio @KnightTrilogy:
Bio Married to a handsome giant, mummy to a mud-puddle fairy. Writer of Dark Romance Fantasy / Fairytales. Otherwise completely normal.

Trying to distill your entire self and writing into 140 little characters is a challenge. I'm not saying by any means that mine is perfect, but it seems to be working and communicates broadly my life and writing.

Here is a good example of successful 'informative' style by @ABookVacation: Teacher, book lover, reviewer, and blogger. Reading is my hobby; I try to read one book per day and then post my review. I love fantasy, paranormal, YA, etc.

Here is a good example of successful 'personality' style by @allieburkebooks :
I'm a writer. A nerd. Music is a passion. I am currently in love with more than one fictional character. I love the rain. White lilies. Art. I love... you.

So in the rush of excitement to join the brilliant community that is twitter, how much time did you give to really crafting your bio? It seems that it is more important than maybe some of you relise.

If you have a twitter bio you think is a good example then please post it below to help inspire others.


  1. Great post Katie. I took an age trying to decide my bio, but I think it sums me up pretty well :)

    'Weaver of words, promising poet, a little nuts and promoter of #UKWriter Say hey and read the blog!'

  2. Too bad so many don't realise how important the Twitter bio can be. When someone follows me it's the number one thing I judge when I decide whether I follow back or not.

    I'm pretty pleased with mine, though it might have a bit too much info crampped into it.

    "Reader, indie book blogger, writer, coffee consumer, satsuma devourer, movie lover, TV-series follower, dog owner, dreamer, queer and endlessly curious."

  3. Now that you mention it, I've had a few DM's/mentions in regards to the Twitter bio (most people just want to know which fictional characters I'm in love with).

    People are passionate... about SOMETHING. Let 'em know what that something is. Others will come to appreciate that passion, whatever it may be.

    And then, they'll follow you, of course.

    I'm honored for the mention in your blog, Katie. Thank you.