Friday, 10 June 2011

Overheard #1 Mina and Ormus: 'Knights of The Realm.'

Ormus rose his hand and pointed it towards Percy, “Look at him, he’s beautiful isn’t he?”

I turned back to Percy, looked at him through the eyes of one not already in love. Just like Blake, Percy was breathtakingly handsome. His blonde ringlets were swept back into a ponytail, his face and body more carved from stone than grown; his eyes, ice blue. When I looked at him, my own heart gave a small leap, like a fish jumping and leaving ripples.

Ormus continued, “Such beauty – you could hardly believe the violence they are capable of. Their warrior bodies, their grace, elegance; their softly spoken manners – all of it a trick; seducing you, charming you but at the end of days, it hides who they are. It hides what they are.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t follow – they’re the good guys; the knights in shining armour.”

“If that is what you believe then you believe in the stuff of fairytales? Come now, child, you’ve seen them fight; you’ve seen them tear each other apart no better than as if they were animals. They are nothing more than an elite army fuelled by myth and a dangerous desire to reclaim the world. They are clothed in the lies.

Blake is different. The times will change but bad things are going to happen; terrible things. Everything will fall apart. Camelot will burn."

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