Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Deep in the Forest:

So, I thought I would just put up this post to let you know that I haven't just dropped off the face of the earth but am on a three week vacation in the remote wilds of the French Forest.

It's truly beautiful here although incredibly isolated. I've been running most mornings in the forest. It's eerie but incredibly beautiful. It's a great place to pound out some plot details and to take in the atmosphere. As any of you know who have read my books, I have a complete fetish of the forest.

Here in France, the forest isn't like the woodlands of England. Here they are dense and unkept. The tracks are mainly made by sanglier (wildboar) or the occassional loggers path. There are no nice neat national trust pathways and signage and it is unlikely that you will come across another living soul in all the time you are out.
I'm currently working on Book Three (named at the moment as 'Starfire')which is partly set in the French Forest - The Forest of Broceliande. I'm drinking up the light and sense of the wild forest. It is truly a magical place.

It's amazing how much wildlife is here: I've not seen so many butterflies since childhood. The lizards are always amusing although the snakes aren't that great.

The only downside of all this wild nature is a very poor internet connection, so things are going to be a little quiet on the social networking front. Maybe this is a good thing - a chance to really reflect and engage with my characters.

It's also incredibly nice to spend some quality time with the family. There is a lot to be said for uprooting our London family and sticking us in the remote wilds - a sense of persepective and a chance for us to slow it down a little.

So until I join the ratrace in three weeks time, take care x

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