Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Interview with Daswani, author of 'Evolution of Insanity'

Today it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Haresh Daswani, the Author of 'Evolution of Insanity'.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an entrepreneur in the field of environmental solutions, an executive vice president for JCI Fort Bonifacio Taguig City, a columnist for National Free Press, and many other random non essential things

What is your current book? Tell us a little about it?

Evolution of Insanity is a book of short stories that focuses on different characters, different lives, and seeing ordinary situations in a less ordinary thought. It contains humor, and a lot of it (dark humor), while it also sees sanity in the insane, and insanity in the sane. It dissects, destroys, and rebuilds thoughts, picking each and every concept, and belief within the universe of the author's mind and stares in observation, feeling, analyzing, and understanding the taboos and otherwise in a new light.

Introduce your protagonist.

While the book is mostly comprised of short stories, Hank and Frank are the regular characters. Hank is one who is popular for his insanity presented in a sane manner, while Frank is notoriously popular for his ability to justify the good behind the evil in his actions.

What other works have you written?

I've been a poet for a very long time. Never publishing those things, they're embarrassing.

Which character do you like the most of all those you have written?

They are all me, or within me. I have to love them all equally, even the middle child.

Describe your writing journey. Who influenced you?

I've had strong stages of Haruki Murakami, PJ O'rourke, Douglas Adams, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Chuck Palahniuk influence my writing over time. Their concepts gave me further ideas on story development and fundamentals, as well as substance.

What do you find the most exciting thing about writing?

I can express myself and thoughts without being sued.

What do you find the most frustrating thing about writing?

Writer's block and some people treating it like a religious book, taking the symbolic as literal, taking the literal as symbolic. My writings are generally dangerous in the hand of an idiot, worse still is that it can be annoying to have them come back and ask questions. The frustrating part about writing is the expectation of confusion, or the lack of understanding on the substance behind the story.

Describe your writing rituals and space?

I keep the place dark at night, unless it randomly comes to me. But otherwise, I listen to Thievery Corporation and gather inspiration




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