Sunday, 16 October 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

The Forest of Adventures: Book One of the Knight Trilogy

1) "He came with the snow."

2) "It was a rough and rugged beauty; a colouring of the skin, a face that had been hewn from a wild cliff face, a darkness of the eyes, full of latent storms and solitude."

3) "Snow began to fall and, whether it was the blood rushing to my head, or the effect Blake had on me, I had the sudden feeling of being turned slowly upside down in a snow-globe."

4) "The unstoppable collision of wills and destinies had been triggered, and only Death would now put an end to it"

5) "He stepped forward and as if tripping a wire, the whole scene errupted into a frenzied cacophony of steel on steel."

6) "Oh, sounds complicated," he said suspiciously."

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Beautiful Freaks: Due out Spring 2012

1)"Both the century and its Queen were dying."

2)"The city had become a landscape of monsters both of flesh and brick."

3)"It was amongst this labyrinth of sorrow that Kaspian Blackthorne walked."

4)"When he looked closer at her, he could see she wore a monocle in her left eye and was at least ten years younger than he’d guessed from the first impression."

5)"He was expecting horror; the sight which greeted him was nothing short of beautiful."

6)“They’re calling you a witch.”

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