Wednesday, 2 January 2013

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Earlier this year, I had the great privilege of having my short story, 'The Haunting of Heartmoore House' included in Jeff Bennington's Creepy series (published by Nexus Press) It's a fascinating concept series of books in which real life ghost experiences are told alongside fictional ghost stories. For anybody interested in the paranormal this series is a great adventure. As you know, I love Jeff's stories. His blend of classic American gothic and unique and imaginative twists always make for an incredibly satisfying read. 

"Jeff has brought some very gifted and interesting people together to tell their real events and spin their fictional tales, and the collection is cracking for it. I would recommend this book highly." (Amazon review)
The Creepy series blends Jeff's love of research and his skill at penning a spooky tale. As well as showcasing Jeff's talent, he has generously extended his hand inviting fellow writers of ghost and horror stories to be included. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Book Two and was impressed by the quality of writing from his guests; discovering some fantastic new reading material. I'm particularly looking forward to reading Jay Krow's 'The fallen' due for release early 2013

So imagine my delight when Jeff approached me about writing another short story to be included in the third book of his series. My short story, 'The Wishing Well Witch' was influenced by a whole range of American style and classic English folklores. Set in an old English cottage in the woods, David sets about his new life, casting off his previous city-boy lifestyle. He's hoping not only for a change of lifestyle but of romantic fortune. However, he doesn't bank on attracting the kind of woman that he does. 

All through the holiday season, Jeff's entire Amazon library is just $0.99. A great opportunity to get your hands on Creepy 1-3 and my personal favourite 'Reunion'. (I've put all the Amazon widgets at the end of the post in order to give you a helping hand.)

Happy Reading. 
The Creepy series is a one of a kind combination of true supernatural occurances, mixed with a variety of supernatural short stories! Creepy 3 is a frightening collection of ghost stories from around the world and supernatural short stories from Jeff Bennington and Top-10 UK author, Katie M. John.

True Ghost story contributors include, Ruth Barrett, Jay Krow, Micheal Rivers, Crysta Lynn, Kitten Jackson, Zack Kullis, Leigh Statham and many more!!!

***You can now enjoy ALL of Jeff's books this holiday season for ONLY 99¢***

The Astora Haunting** Jeff Bennington
A Moment in the Twilight Zone Misty Talamantes
The Ghost Dressed in Plaid M. Jones
The Smirking Ghost Sekarmelati
Hard to Say Goodbye Micheal Rivers
Witchcraft, White Magic, and the Ouija Board Skylar Phoenix
Shadows Crawling on My Legs Skylar Phoenix
The Wishing Well Witch** Katie M. John
The Watcher in the Yard Ruth Barrett
A Dead Boy Staring Crysta Lynn
Dark House Jay Krow
The Ghost Who Wanted Ice Cream Stephani Yohn
The Curse of the Hairy Spider Stephani Yohn
The House on Champlain Kerri Commanda
Spirits That Haunted Me Kitten Jackson
Spirits That Haunted Me: Part II Kitten Jackson
Spirits That Haunted Me: Part III Kitten Jackson
Uncle Carmen, the Friendly Ghost Toni Rankin
A Gray Figure in the Kitchen JR Tschopp
Have You Ever Seen a Ghost? L K Jay
Taken Over or Possession? Zack Kullis
Demon Concert Leigh Statham

If you haven't read the original Creepy yet, you'll definitely want to check out the book that started it all, and Creepy 2.

***If you like ghost stories you'll love REUNION, an Amazon bestselling ghost story that takes place twenty years after a school shooting, with a twist that willl kick your... well you get the idea.

**** Be sure to check out TWISTED VENGEANCE, another top-rated supernatural thriller.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter @TweetTheBook and his blog, The Writing Bomb. Write a review and then look him up online. He'd love to hear from you!

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