Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Sign up for the Quarterly Katie M. John newsletter

Want to get your hands on free eBooks, exclusive material, offers, trailer premiers, and other magical, funky things? Sign up for my quarterly newsletter. 

I have (after a year and a half of being on the to-do list) finally made my first author newsletter.

I've held off for a while because I wanted to make it as positive experience for subscribers as possible, with Free eBook downloads, exclusive content, exclusive giveaways, trailers, breaking news and signing links. 

Rather than doing it monthly, I am going to send out the newsletter on a seasonal basis - so 4x a year, with just a quick alert on release week (about 2x a year) 

I am sending out the first newsletter tomorrow with some lovely goodies, such as an exclusive newsletter giveaway of paperback editions of Beautiful Freaks Volume 1, and links to my Kindle eReader giveaway - so if you haven't signed up yet, and would like to receive it then please fill in the subscription link below.

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