Thursday, 24 November 2016

My Winter Book Offers

Happy Holidays! Wishing you all a wonderful time full of peace and relaxation, friendship and family. I just wanted to make you aware of some free and $0.99 / £0.99 deals I have running over the winter period. If you're anything like me, I love this time of year as the drawing in of the nights, and the turn in the weather, provides a perfect excuse to snuggle up on the sofa with a good book and a hot-chocolate (maybe with a splash of Baileys)

So if you are looking to fill your kindle with some magical, emotional, fantastical, contemporary  reads, here is what I have on offer for either FREE download or on offer for $0.99 / £0.99


  • BOOK ONE OF THE KNIGHT TRILOGY: The Forest of Adventures. (A Reviewer's Choice 2012: The Kindle Book Review) A No. 1 Bestselling YA Contemporary Fantasy and Contemporary Arthurian series. 


Mina's life is nicely ordered, thank you very much. She has a clear handle or reality and a well plotted life plan. But when she finds herself unwillingly falling for the mysterious new boy at college, she discovers that sometimes destiny has a different design. 

With his seductive combination of mystery and handsome good looks, Blake proves an irresistible lure. And although being swept off of her feet by a knight on a white horse was not part of Mina's original plan, she finds herself increasingly enchanted by the world he inhabits. 

As terrible, heartbreaking events rock her daily world, Mina finds herself retreating deeper into a world she only thought existed in fairy-tales. But every fairy tale has its villain and on crossing paths with Morgan Le Fay, Mina realises that even in a fantasy world there is no guarantee of 'a happy ever after'. 

When you're deep in the woods, it's all too easy to get lost.
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Ever since its earliest days, the small English village of Heargton has been steeped in the occult. Tales of witchcraft and paranormal activity have been part of the local folklore for generations. Some people blame the lay lines that intersect at the very centre of the village, others blame a terrible curse. 

700 years on, Heargton Village still holds dark secrets, and when one of the village girls falls victim to a terrible ritual killing, the old superstitions resurface. 

At the heart of these whispers are the Meadowsweet sisters. All beautiful, all charming, all eccentric, but it is the middle daughter, seventeen-year-old Fox, who captures the imagination of American newcomer Jeremiah Chase; a deviant New York playboy sent to live with his Aunt in the Chase ancestral home of Coldstone Hall. A place that has its own grisly history. 

But, as Jeremiah discovers the history of the Meadowsweet Sisters, the Chase family history is also unearthed, leading Jeremiah to understand that good and evil are not always on opposing sides. 

A tale of witchcraft, demons and ghosts, blending traditional English folklore with the American Gothic.

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A contemporary Upper YA (15+) 

Seventeen-year-old Ophelia is not only an artist, high-achiever and outcast, but she juggles her A-Levels and ambitions with being a young carer for her bi-polar mother. 

She is also in love with Malachi Stone: Mathematical Genius, Poet, Swimmer, and Narcissist.

Drawn together by their own self-destructive impulses and increasingly complex lives, they begin a consuming relationship of love and rejection.

With his mother’s over hasty marriage to his uncle, Malachi’s world turns on a spindle and his previously charmed life is invaded by a monster. Increasing paranoia and anger start to take over Malachi’s life, and it is only Ophelia who offers him hope of salvation; But to Ophelia’s heartbreak, Malachi isn’t capable of loving anything other than his future dream of following in his father’s glittering academic footsteps. 

15+ Upper YA. Contains more adult themes.


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