Saturday, 8 April 2017

Cover Reveal for Angelicus

'Angelicus' is book 4 of 'The Meadowsweet Chronicles' and is due for release Mid-Summer 2017. The Meadowsweet Chronicles is an epic YA series, which is planned to be a 7 book series.

With the covens at war, and darkness looming over the horizon, the village of Heargton is vibrating with paranormal phenomenon. Ghouls, ghosts, Demons and Angels have been unleashed, and the Witch Hunter, Daniel Chase, is under strict instruction from The Church to begin 'The Purge'; an act that will exterminate every paranormal, ungodly, being in the area; which includes the Meadowsweet Witches.

The Ravenheart Witches are in no rush to return to Heargton, having finally discovered The Boko in Haiti who will reveal the secrets to Limbo, and the way for them to return their sister, Nigella from The Palace, restoring their trinity, and allowing them to finally make a strike for the Meadowsweet's throne to the Guardianship of The Ancient Ones.

And Heargton isn't the only battleground between the Light and Dark covens,  for in the mountains of Massachusetts, Melody Drake is preparing for her own war against The Southern Territories - but first, she has to reconcile herself with her own Demon, which, with the help of Yuma and Ethan (both animal shape-shifters) she comes to understand can be a power of light and good.



The Meadowsweet Chronicles is a collection of Upper YA novels that tells the story of three ancient family lines who live in the village of Heargton. The Meadowsweet Sisters have lived in Heargton since the Bronze Age and have always been known as healers and 'Witches'.  They have had a complex relationship with the village, both being accepted and kept at a distance - but it is through the Meadowsweets and their shop, which has traded since the earliest days of the settlement, that the inhabitants of Heargton have held onto many of their pagan ways and practices.

The Ravenhearts arrived in Heargton in the Middle Ages, a bloodline from Italian descendants, they came over to England as part of the Royal court and have been absorbed into English Aristocracy over the eons - only their past, unlike the Meadowsweets, is full of dark secrets, murderers, libertines, and dark arts magic. Incredibly wealthy, the Ravenhearts founded The Rookeries Hospital, which mysteriously burned down and re-opened as a lunatic asylum; which many believe was a front for a much darker purpose.

The Chase Family have been present in Heargton since the Jacobean period. The bloodline is cursed with the 'gift', some might say, 'curse' of the first born son being a Witch Hunter - something which led to an earlier generation of the Chase bloodline heading out to the New World with the hope of escaping their legacy - only, they ended up in Salem.
Now Jeremiah Chase has been exiled from his New York playboy lifestyle, and begins to unveil his family's nefarious history, exposing the truth that the Chase bloodline isn't as pure and godly as they like to pretend.


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